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Facts You Should Know About Omega-3



Omega-3 oils are the lubricating fluids of your joints, the balancing fluids of your heart, skin and pancreas, the force for the battle against cancers and the fluid to keep the brain tuned.  

But for these healthy truths to happen to your body the Omega-3 oils must reach the parts of your body where they are needed most. 



The healing Omega-3 Oils must reach the “LACTEALS”  the lymph vessels that will help carry the life saving oils to your joints, heart, brain and other important parts of your body.  


How do you do this?  


When Omega-3 oils are taken on an empty stomach, they are carried by the lacteals until they are later absorbed and assimilated within the body. 


These lymph vessels (the lacteals) then transport the oil to a major oil collecting depot within your system known as the “cisterna chyli”. Then it is picked up by the thoracic duct and the oils are delivered into the lymphatic system and sent to locations in your body where they are most needed.  


By taking Omega-3 you are “loading” the chylomicrons with vitamin D, Vitamin A and Vitamin F (The essential fatty acids). You are using systematic circulation to carry these curing oils and vitamins to the very places in your body that they are needed.  


In effect you are able to bypass the greedy liver and go straight to where the oils are needed.   

This process of absorbing the Omega-3 oils works best when you don’t drink water with your meals. If you omit water, your digestive system can deliver approximately 90 per cent of the omega oils to 

your lacteals. The capillaries will capture the remaining 10 per cent.  


But we need to drink water!!you may ask.   


You are 100% right.    


Seventy percent of the planet is covered with water. Eighty percent of your body is made up of water. What do you think a large percentage of your diet should contain?   


You need to make certain that 70 percent of your diet is made up of foods that are rich in water. That means fresh fruits or vegetables, or their freshly squeezed juices.   



Some people recommend drinking from 8-12 glasses of water a day to “Flush Out The System.”  Do you know how crazy that is? In the first place most of our water isn’t that great and no matter what water you drink, you can’t cleanse your system by drowning it. 

The amount of water you drink should be dictated by thirst. Instead of trying to flush your system by flooding it with water, all you have to do is eat foods that are naturally rich in water.    


And your valuable Omega-3 Oils will not get flushed away through your liver, but reach the parts of your body that need them, naturally.  


The secret of taking your Omega-3 oils and sending them to cure your body is to use Esterified Hydrolysed Oil. Simply stated, mix your Omege-3 Ester with a healthy juice cocktail, breaking down the oil globules, emulsifying them, so that they can travel through your digestive system more easily.  


So that the Omega-3 fatty acids are then transported by the lymphatic system, oils travelling through your body via lymph ducts.    


Just be certain from now on to have a salad with each and every meal. Make fruit the snack to reach for and take your Omega rich oil supplements every day mixed with a healthy fruit juice.   


However you must be certain you take the most beneficial Omega-3 Fatty Acids, the very best and most pure of EPA and DHA.  


To receive the many benefits of DHA you have to consider ensuring that you do as follows:   


  • Find a source of fish oil that is high in DHA or alternatively is prepared to take much higher doses of Fish oil.  
  • Ensure that the fish oil you use is molecularly distilled.   
  • Try to find your fish oil in the Ester form for better bio availability.  
  • Make sure the Omega-3 fish oil is from fish of the Southern unpolluted oceans.  
  • The Omega-3 has gone through extensive molecular distillation process.