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 The Facts You Should Know About Omega-3


Omega-3 And Your Healthy Teeth


Omega-3 has many beneficial side effects and one of the happy side effects from taking Omega 3 fatty acids is that you will have fewer dental problems.


You can harden the enamel of your teeth, because the Vitamin D in the fish oil contains phosphorus. This vitamin also causes a favourable reaction on the calcium, which is already in the blood stream.


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These two biochemical’s (phosphorus and calcium) when properly “oiled” will travel more easily into the arteries of your teeth.


Vitamin D is essential for the conversion of calcium and is certainly necessary for healthy teeth, but also for healthy bones.


If you lack vitamin D, the calcium may travel not into your teeth, but to the surface of your bones. This could bring on osteoarthritis and you could develop bony deposits at the terminal ends of certain joints, like those on your fingers.


So a balanced source of Vitamin D from an Omega-3 rich supplement will not only benefit your health in general but also give healthy strong teeth.


In Summary:


To receive the many benefits of DHA you have to consider ensuring that you do as follows:   

  • Find a source of fish oil that is high in DHA or      alternatively is prepared to take much higher doses of conventional fish oil.

  • Ensure that the fish oil you use is molecularly distilled.

  • Try to find the oil in the Ester form for better bioavailability.


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  • Don’t try to save money by buying fish oil supplements in bulk because they can go rancid very quickly.

  • Fish oil capsules should always be stored in a refrigerator.

  • The ability of Omega-3 essential fatty acids to protect against heart disease is well proven and impressive. The case for prevention of a second heart attack is particularly strong.

  • Omega-3 can have a positive effect on your sex life and make your sex life far more enjoyable.

  • It has been established that the Omega-3 EFA’s are important to brain development in the unborn and the newborn and healthy brain development into old age.

  • Women with high levels of Omega-3 do not get breast cancer. Fact!

  • Because of minimal side effects, fish oil appears to be an ideal maintenance agent in Crohn’s disease.

  • Deficiencies in Omega-3 and other fatty acids have also been associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.